Deposit Dispute specialises in housing law. Specifically focussing upon assured shorthold tenancies and representing tenants with deposit disputes pertaining to section 212-215 of the Housing Act 2004.

Legal Road Limited is a young and innovative legal services company. Since our launch we are experiencing a strong demand for our services and enjoying rapid business growth. Our organisation is specifically suited to independent and entrepreneurial solicitors who enjoy the lucrative benefits of flexible working arrangements. Our freelance solicitors are contracted to specifically represent our client’s interests on a pre-agreed contract to contract basis.
We Are Looking For A Self-employed Solicitor
Legal Road is looking to contract a qualified solicitor for England and Wales to help us to continue to assist clients with landlord and tenants claims. The assignments focus upon county court civil claims. Specifically requiring the solicitor to represent our clients at court. While Legal Road provides all the administrative and civil procedural support from the issue of claim through to the final awards hearing. Thereby enabling our freelance solicitors to focus entirely upon their legal preparation for their court appearances.

What Legal Road Can Offer You?
Legal Road administers this entire claim process. We prepare the claimants statement, issue the claim and respond and submit all paperwork through to the completion of the claim.

Managing all client care procedures, checks, invoicing, payments and compliance in accordance with SRA Code of Conduct, Legal Road also provides professional indemnity insurance, as well as access to our in-house support lawyer and online legal resources.

All you require is a clean practicing certificate, a laptop and a mobile phone.

Lucrative Rewards
Our assignments are time efficient and financially rewarding. We are looking for you to join us on a confirmed rate for each contract and we are happy to agree your working hours in advance to fit around your schedule.

If you are looking for a freelance legal role that can also provide you with the autonomy and rewards of working with an innovative company, then this is a genuine opportunity for you to quickly build client relationships.

Contact us
Please send your CV and a covering letter to (email). Our process starts with an informal call with Ian Duncan, our Legal Services Director.

The life of a corporate lawyer isn’t for everyone. First comes law school… Then, if you get a training contract, your first five years at a firm will likely be spent working your socks off, slogging through endless reading and eating lukewarm Deliveroos in the office after 10pm.

But before you give up on the law entirely, or resign yourself to a lifetime of desk dinners, why not consider going freelance?

Legal culture has changed in recent years and flexible work has become a significant part of the industry.”

Courtesy of The Guardian

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